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“Pablo is a professional speaker who is part of the prestigious Helpers Speakers network together with people like Toni Nadal. Victor Küppers, David Meca, Edurne Pasaban, Anne Igartiburu, Luis Piedrahita and Pedro Piqueras”.


Pablo connects with the audience from the first moment thanks to his genuine experience as an entrepreneur, athlete and environmental activist. His years of experience at the Boston Consulting Group and Banco Santander and then his successful entrepreneur experience with Clicars allow him to connect with different audiences, especially corporate executives audiences that want to instill an innovative and entrepreneurial culture in their organizations.


Pablo connects with the audience capturing their attention and making them reflect on their own life experiences to inspire them, dare them to achieve everything they set out to do and understand that with effort, dedication and discipline their goals are closer than they may think. Success, more than a destination, is the attitude that we face life with.

Entrepreneurship is like jumping into the ocean. You don't know what you are going to find, but one thing is clear, you have to embrace uncertainty as the path towards success. The real sharks are in our heads.



  • Leadership

  • Motivation and Overcoming

  • Resilience and Mental strength

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Investment and Business strategy

  • Failure and Success

  • Adversity management

  • Social impact


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